ZGF designed the new 20,500 SF office for Cedars-Sinai at 6500 Wilshire Boulevard. The 20th floor space co-locates three separate, non-clinical business units that form a key part the organization’s leadership team. Facilities Planning, Design and Construction oversees the growth of Cedars’ physical environment, while Business Development engages in strategic assessment of real estate needs and acquisitions, and Managed Care oversees the compliance and care needs of end-user patients. A number of interactive visioning sessions and Cedars-Sinai’s collaborative corporate culture informed the design, which features bright, glass-fronted private offices pulled off the building perimeter in favor of large spans of open work areas with expansive views. The open plan workspace features hoteling desks for visiting consultants and a range of private meeting spaces from large conference rooms with tele-conference capabilities to small meeting rooms for team huddles, and individual phone rooms. A central work café features a variety of seating options, including booth seating, high tops, and classic tables for breaks and informal meetings. The largest conference room adjoins the work café via a retractable glass wall.


Bold graphic installations inspired by the City of Los Angeles were also designed and fabricated by ZGF to complete the space. Visitors entering the lobby are greeted by a reception desk behind which is a floor-to-ceiling wall with a custom map of the greater Los Angeles area. The map is created with felt, with a combination technique of CNC cutting and printing. The neutral gray tone base map is contrasted with colored acrylic pins backpainted red to show all the Cedars-Sinai facility locations. Across from the reception wall is a 14-foot-wide by nine-foot-high art installation that consists of 2,500 medical-grade centrifuge tubes protruding from perforated wood panels and backlit by 3,500 color-changing LED lights that animate to represent the city lights. Programmed to an algorithm based on harmonic resonance, the ever-evolving artwork never displays the same color combination twice in 24 hours. Beyond the reception area, a simplified and abstracted version of the Los Angeles map becomes a statement piece on the conference room glass, serving both as a graphic reference to Cedars-Sinai and as a privacy feature for meetings and conferences. The graphics were printed inverse on clear film and applied to the glass walls of the four main conference rooms.