The 75,000 SF Clif Bar Headquarters, designed by ZGF, transforms an original World War II valve manufacturing facility into a workplace haven for the outdoor enthusiasts at Clif Bar & Company, a leading maker of organic sports nutrition foods and healthy snacks. The space celebrates the inherent natural light and volumetric space of a repurposed warehouse, while capturing the company culture and connecting employees to the outdoors through “biophilic” interior design. From custom door pulls made from repurposed bike frames to the largest “smart” solar array in North America—which provides most of the office’s electricity needs—the adaptive reuse focuses on Clif Bar’s core values to sustain its brands, its business, its people, its community, and the planet. The project is LEED Platinum® for Commercial Interiors. The headquarters features an open office working environment, a research and development kitchen, an employee wellness area, on-site childcare, theater space, and a café. ZGF recently completed an expansion of the headquarters and developed an additional 32,000 SF that includes 180 new workstations, as well as collaborative workspaces with connections to the existing Clif Bar space. Recycled climbing rope art and recycled wood are used throughout the addition to reflect the company lifestyle and culture.




Re-purposed bikes, kayaks, snowboards, and surfboards that had passed their useful life as sports equipment, now serve as artwork suspended from the ceiling. These art installations were a unique collaboration between the ZGF design team and Clif Bar and were assembled on site to represent shapes found in nature such as a helix, comet and lotus.

Each art piece was a live experiment, beginning with a fully engineered, computer-modeled concept developed by an in-house artist/model maker. For example, the kayak helix was dynamically spun in place to achieve the desired effect and the bikes in the bike comet were systematically suspended from the ceiling with stainless wire and elevated and shifted to achieve the desired result. Each hanging art piece assists in wayfinding and tells a story about Clif Bar employees or sponsored athletes.