The Portland Mall Revitalization is an award-winning makeover of the city’s iconic transit mall, which combines light rail and bus transit, bikes, pedestrians, and vehicles with storefront retail revitalization. ZGF has been involved with the mall since its inception. Through the years, the Mall has helped to bolster Portland’s reputation as a haven for progressive planning, public transportation, and robust urban design. It is the largest public works project in downtown Portland’s history and is one of the largest surface transit projects in the country. ZGF led a complete inventory and lifecycle assessment for all aspects of the existing avenues. Community and stakeholder participation was key to the redevelopment, as was outreach to downtown retailers. When full service began, it was complemented by $1,500,000,000 in private investment on or near the Mall, representing more reinvestment in downtown’s core in three years than had been seen in 20 years. This revitalization has made the heart of Portland significantly more accessible as the downtown area has grown, and, by the activities the Mall engenders, it has re-established itself as the place where the whole community can come together. The Mall has been honored nationwide for its design and planning, including the 2011 Award of Excellence from the American Society of Landscape Architects and the 2012 Award for Regional and Urban Design from the AIA.