The 223,000 SF, LEED Gold® Bioengineering and Sciences Building, designed by ZGF in association with Page, is physically connected to the adjacent 190,195 SF Natural Science and Engineering Research Laboratory (also designed and completed by ZGF/Page) to allow sharing of core facilities. The highly flexible research and teaching laboratories bring together interdisciplinary groups of scientists and engineers from multiple fields, including biology, neuroscience, and bioengineering. Offices for undergraduate and graduate students, faculty members, and teaching assistants are mixed together with teaching and research facilities to ensure dynamic interactions, continuous learning, and ingenious discovery. The building supports learning and research of the functions of the brain, the nervous system, the cell, the gene, and the disciplines of science and engineering as they relate to improvement of human functions and electronic sensing devices. An integral approach to building mass, orientation, exterior façade development, and systems design optimizes building performance and reduces energy costs.