ZGF, in association with Page, designed a new 190,195 SF Natural Science and Engineering Research Laboratory that provides highly flexible interdisciplinary laboratory space to support and encourage the interaction of the researchers housed within. Equally important was providing the most highly serviced and safest laboratory space on the campus to accommodate cleanroom and laboratory functions previously housed in other buildings. The solution was a floor plan with two laboratory wings, with office space adjacent to the laboratories. The primary activities housed in the facility are physics, biology, chemistry, electrical engineering, and neuroscience, with much of the research being conducted at a nano-level scale. The research facility also includes a 10,000 SF cleanroom, space for the University’s technology acceleration program, and facilities for imaging. The communal parts of the program are located at the building ends, including conference rooms on the east, and a two-story café and seminar room at the south overlooking a courtyard. Interconnecting stairs are located at the intersection of the two building wings. Whether in a laboratory or administrative office area, one can see all the way through the building.