ZGF programmed and designed The Paul G. Allen Center for Global Animal Health, which is dedicated to providing research solutions to worldwide health challenges. The 62,000 SF Phase 1 building is designed to encourage cross-disciplinary collaboration and offers the flexibility necessary for grant funded research. The ground floor features an entry lobby and reception area open to the floors above. The entry opens on to a terrace with sliding glass doors which support larger gatherings and fundraising events. The highly contained, ground floor BSL-3 laboratory provides safe access for research specimens. Upper floors include BSL-2 laboratories and open offices organized into neighborhoods to facilitate exchange and discovery. Laboratories and offices are visually connected by a glass wall to allow continuous visual connection and maximize daylight and views. The Phase 1 building is LEED Silver®.



The design team produced a graphics package to emphasize and clarify the building’s mission and inform visitors of research initiatives. The building’s entry lobby features a three-story panel celebrating the mission and vision of the University’s College of Veterinary Medicine and the facility’s research initiatives. The materiality and the size of the panel’s text and icons vary to add visual interest and depth. Below the panel stands a blue glass video wall containing three monitors that display university announcements, one of which is interactive and features current research performed in the facility and implemented internationally.