The 7-storey, residential care facility provides 220 suites designated for complex residential care (Long-Term Skilled Nursing) and 40 Licensed Dementia Housing suites. Inspired by the individuals who call the project home, ZGF’s design is deliberately non-institutional and emphasizes connections to nature and the outdoors. Thoughtful planning links the lives and experiences of residents, staff, family members, and members of the community, by providing a complement of well-planned common spaces, dining options, and indoor and outdoor walking options characterized by beautifully landscaped, secure exterior courtyards. The building organization follows a house / neighborhood model, with each floor making up a neighborhood of two 20-bed houses, resulting in increased efficiency as each house can share back-of-house support spaces. Each neighborhood has been designed with the flexibility required to provide for specific resident groups, such as those with acquired brain injury, memory loss, and behavior considerations.  The planning process engaged many stakeholder groups including non-professional partners, caregivers, residents, and government/private partnerships. Full-scale mockups and 3D visualization tools supported the consensus building and design process.