ZGF, in association with HDR | CEI Architecture, designed the eight-story, 640,000 SF children’s and women’s inpatient tower as members of the Affinity P3 (public private partnership) team. The primary design objective was to improve care delivery by optimizing access and flow and incorporating Evidence-based design principles such as natural light, views, roof gardens, purposeful art, LED lighting. In response, the team designed the public entry and elevator core to reside along the main circulation concourse of the larger hospital campus and separate public, patient, and staff flows. Inpatient units are standardized in size and layout and are adaptable to meet evolving needs and maximize caregiver time with patients. The new facility includes an emergency department, imaging and procedural suites, hematology and oncology departments, a high-risk birthing suite, neonatal intensive care units and a pediatric intensive care unit. The design team worked with caregivers, staff, and a patient advisory group to develop a design that provides positive distractions and ease of wayfinding. The building is LEED Gold®.