ZGF provided programming and interior design services for the 31,532 SF Cedars-Sinai, Playa Vista Physician Office & Urgent Care. Located in the Playa Vista neighborhood of Los Angeles, the clinic is designed to appeal to the diverse demographics of the adjacent tech community of “Silicon Beach” by providing convenient access to high-quality, patient-centered services close to where people live and work. Located on the second, third, and fourth levels of a centrally located building at Runway, an outdoor mall, the clinic is surrounded by restaurants, shops, and a movie theater. The interior design incorporates technology, innovative care models, and design trends into the facility, while reflecting the high-quality of care associated with the Cedars-Sinai brand. Using a design reflective of upscale tech offices, the space is infused with varying materials, such as marble, brass, reclaimed wood, and a palette of charcoal greys and classic neutrals highlighted with pops of color. Urgent Care resides on the second floor and includes a landscaped terrace garden, which provides a visual distraction and place of respite for patients and staff, as well as a space for larger groups to facilitate wellness events, staff meetings, and presentations. Primary Care is housed on the third floor and OB/GYN + Pediatrics on the fourth floor. The clinic includes exam and procedure rooms, offices and conference rooms, a children’s waiting area, additional waiting and reception areas, and specimen laboratories.



Inspired by the local coastal and wetland environment, graphic patterns are featured throughout the clinic, infusing a sense of biophilia into the space. These graphics, including environmental branding and wayfinding, were developed simultaneously with the interior design. The graphic patterns draw from the local environment—evoking images of waves lapping onto the beach, grasses growing in the nearby wetlands, and ocean breezes moving through the clouds—and are paired with a soothing associated color palette to reinforce floor-by-floor identity for the clinics. Since the main entry into the new clinic is through the adjacent parking structure, graphics will be added to levels 2, 3, and 5 of the garage to aid in the wayfinding for patients.