With no known precedent, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) pursued a vision to develop a new pediatric patient care unit: one that would meet the requirements and licensure of an acute care unit, and would provide a safe and supportive environment for patients with a comorbid developmental, behavioral, or psychiatric diagnosis. A multidisciplinary team led by ZGF worked together to envision, plan, and design an environment that would support a new model of care for this unique patient population that was previously treated in a general medical surgical unit. The new 11,000 SF Medical Behavioral Unit (MBU) is a remodel of an existing unit on CHOP’s campus in Philadelphia. It provides a supportive environment with programmed spaces not typically found in an acute care unit, including places for creative activities, relaxation, and meditation rooms where patients can self-soothe. Environmental graphics, designed by Metcalfe Architecture and Design, are both playful and calming, given that some of the unit’s patients become overwhelmed by certain visual stimuli. The unit also includes safety and security features that provide a more therapeutic and dignified environment. Within the MBU, a specialized lighting system that supports circadian rhythms was developed and implemented in all patient and staff areas, including the corridors. The goal of this impactful lighting system is to mimic the solar day and provide routine lighting exposure to reinforce a body’s natural 24-hour cycle.