To meet the seismic standards required by California State Senate Bill 1953, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles undertook a master planning effort (completed by ZGF) that resulted in a series of phased projects. The first phase included the new 100,000 SF Saban Research Institute, which doubled existing research space for new initiatives to be undertaken in neuroscience and medical genetics. Subsequently, a new 453-space, below-grade parking structure was located on the south side of Sunset Boulevard, along with a new lobby, entry court, and gardens. The award-winning 317-bed, 494,283 SF Marion and John E. Anderson Pavilion provides acute-care pediatric facilities, diagnostic and ancillary services, and a level I emergency department / trauma center. The majority of the structure is seven stories. An emergency heliport is located on top of the tower. This new building was designed to address the unique environment of a pediatric facility, while accommodating the needs of inpatients and caregivers from the diverse community. The design team worked with staff, parent focus groups, and patients to guide the development of a vision that would integrate the hospital’s missions of clinical excellence and family-centered care. Critical design issues that emerged focused on such topics as sleeping areas, living rooms inside and outside the care units, age-appropriate diversions within patient rooms and playrooms, access to familiar foods, adequate privacy, and outdoor spaces.