ZGF led the renovation of Hawaiian Airlines’ Corporate Headquarters in Honolulu. The redesign reduced Hawaiian Airlines’ space from 118,000 SF to approximately 95,000 SF while adding 150 seats and shifting the work space from private offices and enclosed department suites to an interactive open-office environment. Extensive training facilities are included for employees who are not based at the headquarters but are required to visit for recurrent training. The new configuration accommodates approximately 600 work stations organized as long tables. Low screens delineate individual spaces and provide partial seated privacy. This “benching” solution encourages interaction and collaboration while allowing the company to maximize space usage and respond to fluctuating staff levels that result from continuously evolving operations and internal reorganizations. In addition, the open-office environment includes areas throughout that were designed for easy transition between individual work spaces and meeting spaces. The cafeteria, with flexible furnishings and an indoor-outdoor connection to a large patio, is a multipurpose space that can be used for large meetings or seminars. ZGF also assisted with change management for redefining the company’s approach to allocating meeting spaces, storage and support functions, as well as meeting with employees to maximize acceptance of the new, non-traditional space. ZGF collaborated with Hawaiian Airlines’ branding consultant, Winkreative, to apply overall branding concepts to the new space.