ZGF designed this 38-story, 1,200,000 SF mixed-use development, which provides office space, retail, and 637 underground parking spaces, and has received an Energy Star Award. Primary objectives for the design of the Fourth & Madison tower were to maximize the size and efficiency of the individual floor plates, to create an architectural expression that distinguished the building from its taller neighbors in Seattle’s financial district, to respect the adjacent historic YMCA, and to relate to each of the four surrounding streets, as well as take full advantage of 360 degree views of the city. Working closely with the City of Seattle Design Review Board, ZGF was sensitive to appropriate scaling and massing of the building, introducing design features that improved the quality of the project from a civic and marketplace perspective, with minimal impact on the surrounding buildings. The building plan takes advantage of the site’s steep slope by providing through-block shopping arcade connections in both north-south and east-west directions, with major building lobbies located on each street bordering the site. The massing of the building is expressed as two intersecting towers—a 38-story tower sited on the north half of the block, and a lower 32-story tower on the south side of the site.