Human Longevity Inc.’s (HLI) new space embodies the organization’s culture and reflects its business model, exemplifying collaboration, innovation, and results. HLI, co-founded by J. Craig Venter, PhD, is a genomics and cell therapy-based diagnostic and therapeutic company. The company has leased 25,000 SF of space in an existing building in La Jolla, California for its new headquarters. The space required careful planning to overcome a number of challenges associated with existing buildings, including restricted ceiling heights and limited natural light. HLI is anticipating rapid growth over the next year, increasing from a staff of 20 to approximately 100 employees. The design goals include retaining and attracting top research talent, and offering flexible and creative work environments. The space has been planned to emphasize connectivity and to change the way people view an office environment. The design can accommodate 150 employees in an open plan, with only a few private offices, and a variety of collaboration spaces. Unique garden and study spaces will provide ample options for occupants to collaborate in a natural and comfortable setting. The core elements, including shared conference rooms and wellness support spaces, will serve as the central “tree” of the office. The dynamic form of the core will activate the space, while encouraging collective brainstorming and problem solving.