Founded on a few core beliefs, this gaming company has thrived on its outlook of building its environment, culture, and market success around its talent. The design of the new 16,000 SF headquarters in San Francisco was informed by discussions related to line of sight, sharing of work information in digital format and in real time, transparency within, support for both focused work and collaboration, spaces for large group (all-hands) gatherings, and a love of food and drink to bring everyone together. Furniture systems and objects are incorporated to influence and support these work habits. The office organization was influenced by the movement of the sun throughout the space. For example, collaborative areas that require control of light and acoustics are located next to the building core. Heads-down, more focused areas are located around the perimeter, and are the most removed from the collaborative zones. Impromptu “huddle” spaces are integrated in between. Given that screen-share is such an important part of their work, the space supports interaction with this medium in a way that is integral to the architecture.