ZGF programmed and designed the two-story, 60,000 SF multi-specialty clinic to streamline and enhance the patient experience by reducing wait times and providing comprehensive care, for over 20 specialty clinics, in a single, easy to access location. To achieve the most efficient, patient-centered solution, ZGF used a Lean, cross-functional approach. This involved working with an integrated team of clinic leadership, care providers, laboratory and radiology technicians, administrative and housekeeping staff, and patients assembled to work collaboratively with the design team to create a facility fully-focused on their number one core value to do what is right for the patient. Using eight Integrated Design Events held over eight months, the team collectively made operational and design decisions to achieve facility outcomes including the 23% reduction of non-patient care space yielding a $2,100,000 savings to the project cost, creating 62 right-sized procedure rooms with 92% flexibility, and an increase in patient satisfaction scores to 89%. 



The design team created an environmental graphics package to reflect a healing environment that soothes patients, connects with nature and supports self-directed wayfinding. Check-in, procedure scheduling, and different triage departments are clearly identified using a variety of decals and raised lettering on glazed panels and doors. A natural frit motif enhanced with birch tree decals was applied to the glass walls of exam pods to provide adequate privacy along the building’s main circulation.