ZGF worked as part of an integrated Design-Build team to deliver Microsoft’s Building 42, a 175,760 SF renovated, four-story office building. As one of the first Intelligent Workplace (IW) projects, the design team worked closely with user groups to create a program that responds to various workstyles and fosters flexibility and transparency. Organized into neighborhoods by functional group, workspaces include open plan offices surrounded by breakout spaces with a variety of furniture and writable surfaces. Support spaces throughout the building include three themed specialty rooms per floor that encourage interaction and movement; relaxation rooms and libraries for heads down work. Hubs are located on each floor and include kitchens and informal dining areas. Adjacent to the lobby and near the center of the building, a large common space features dining recreation, and casual seating. Garage doors allow the space to be partitioned. A communicating central stairway connects all floors with the lobby and spurs spontaneous collaboration. Interiors emphasize materiality and muted colors native to the Pacific Northwest and artwork from the Microsoft Collection.