ZGF designed the 400,000 SF high-performance office building to provide Amazon with an optimal workplace environment that includes a mix of open plan office and support spaces and enhances the fabric of the rapidly growing South Lake Union neighborhood. Working hand-in-hand with the developer and Amazon, the design was crafted to respond to the needs of both the tenant and the urban environment. Two buildings are connected by an above grade pedestrian link and a ground floor galleria creating a mid-block connection that provides a weather protected outdoor amenity. The overhead connection and mid-block link activate the ground plane and create publicly accessible open space, streetscape amenities, and added public bicycle racks, among other enhancements on the site.

Parklet landmarks such as trees, green pathways, wall gardens, and water features throughout bring the outdoors in, create vertical and horizontal connectivity throughout the building, and optimize wayfinding. Sustainable strategies include an optimized envelope, natural daylight and ventilation, green roofs, water reclamation for irrigation, and on-site rain gardens and landscape treatments. The project is LEED Gold®.